Accelerated Computing

Hello, world (again)

6 September 2023

This is the second incarnation of this website. My first attempt took the form (loosely) of an in-progress book about GPU programming, taking inspiration somewhat from While I would one day be delighted to write such a book, this format had some drawbacks, not least of which being that I am, in fact, not (yet) a subject matter expert, and (rightly or wrongly) I felt that I had no space to write anything but fully-formed and irrefutably correct things. When I am learning something new, typically my thoughts and ideas are frequently incorrect and at best half-formed, so this was problematic.

So I am starting again, this time around in the more humble form of the Personal Website. The stakes feel comfortably lower this way – I am free to post whatever amateur hour material I like, in any order I like.

This is also well-timed – I will be starting in the Fall 2, 2023 batch of the Recurse Center later this month, and I’m committing myself to learn in public as much as possible. My personal syllabus is somewhat loosely defined, but I am planning on going as deep as I can on contemporary machine learning and GPU programming. I’m deliberately keeping things vague for the next week or two, to allow for space for serendipitous conversation to help steer things. I’m committing to writing weekly updates, and my hope is that over time a coherent narrative will emerge.